Do Bridesmaids need Pro Makeup?

Many Brides have already decided that they want a professional makeup artist to do their makeup on their wedding day. But the answer to who should do the bridal party makeup is not as clear.

So the question is: Pro Bridal Party Makeup: Splurge or Pass?

Your bridesmaids are such an important part of your wedding day. They're there when you're getting ready, taking photos, and standing with you when you say "I do". Many brides ask if it's necessary for their bridesmaids to have their makeup applied by the professional makeup artist on wedding day too? The bridal party will be very visible during your wedding and in photos, and your closest friends will also want to look and feel their best. Great bridal artists can customize each persons makeup depending on their skin type and features, while also creating a cohesive look so everyone is coordinated and looking sharp!

There are lots of pros for hiring a professional makeup artist for all of your bridesmaids. Here are a few things to consider when you're trying to decide!

1 | Be upfront about finances

Normally if a bride decides she wants the entire bridal party to have a professional pampering the morning of the wedding, she'll cover the cost. If because of budget or other factors the artist is hired only for the bride, the bridesmaids might want to treat themselves and pay the artist herself - so ask! Just like the bridesmaid dresses or shoes, be sure to talk through all aspects of what you expect your bridesmaids to pay for before wedding day, so there are no surprises.

2 | Decide what look you want

If you're paying for bridesmaids makeup from a professional makeup artist, she'll work with you to select the perfect look for your girl gang. I always take into consideration the style of the dresses, theme of the wedding, and wedding colors when galm-ing up a bridesmaid. Each look is similar, but tailored to each woman, and never forget - a good bridesmaid look always compliments the bride!

Here are a few looks I've created for bridesmaids. (Click on their picture to see the wedding they were a part of!)

3 | If she DIY's, be supportive and clear

DIYing your own makeup for wedding day isn't as easy as it seems. If your bridesmaid tells you she wants to do her own makeup, you might be thinking it's a terrible idea. You don't want to be that bridezilla we've all read about who requires her bridesmaids to lose weight and do tons of ridiculous over-the-top things to her body for the wedding. You do want to be kind, and talk with her about her and your concerns. Does she have sensitive skin and is afraid she'll breakout from products from the artist? Is she most comfortable going bare faced? I assure you, these are the kinds of things pro makeup artists deal with all. the. time!

If she does it herself, make sure she does all she can to keep her makeup on - like using waterproof mascara, setting spray, and long lasting waterproof foundation and eyeliner - so if she cries or hugs you, her makeup doesn't cause a distraction in your photos or show up on your dress (yes this happens!) You are probably thinking, So what if her mascara runs, it isn't the end of the world, right? YES. 1,000%. Makeup is not the most important thing about your wedding day photos. The people in them are. That being said - if you know you'll be devastated by the unintentional makeup mishap by your friend, be sure to make that clear and find a solution you can both live with.

I hope you and your girls feel and look INCREDIBLE on your day, because you all deserve it.

Thanks for reading friends!

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