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Easy going, fun, sweet. That's Kara in three words. :) My makeup journey with Kara started in her family home in Dallas when we did her trial. I actually ran into her sister on my way in, and I could tell just by seeing her big smile and happy hello that this was going to be a great experience. After I was inside, I met Kara and her mom and we got started! I soon discovered we all share the same faith (we're Christians) so being a part of such a spiritual day was incredibly meaningful to me. During the trial we talked about lots of makeup styles, but Kara knew she wanted to look like herself. Elegant and beautiful, and as far away from overdone as you can get.

On the Big Day

Upon arriving at Rustic Grace Estate, I only had 2 people on my schedule: the bride Kara and her Mom. As her mom and I chatted about the excitement of the day, I saw Kara in the background laughing with her friends and guys - her little sister was dancing to the music like no one was watching... my gosh was it adorable! When it was Kara's turn, she was excited and ready. In the chair, she made a last minute change to add false lashes (she originally wanted only mascara) so I put my favorite pair of bridal lashes on her and it gave her just the right oomph in her eyes. Then she pulled out a tube of liquid lipstick and told me this was the color she wanted to get married in! Perfect!

This was one of those weddings where I didn't have an opportunity to meet the groom, but I did see Drew and his groomsmen eating cheetos outside in their suits while we were getting ready, haha :) They seemed like a great group of guys.

My favorite beauty moment was...

... ok I know it may sound cheesy, but in all seriousness, my favorite beauty moment was when I saw the photos for the first time. You could not see the makeup at all, only her joy and happiness. This is my absolute favorite kind of makeup, and a wedding I will never forget.

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Wedding Planner - Cassie Rawson 

Makeup - Lindsay Stone Beauty Photographer - Cake - DJ - Caterer - Bartending - Service Gem Events

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Hi! I'm Lindsay

You know what they say - once you go texan you never go back! It's true. I'm a texan (by way of Kansas), wife-for-life, and a mama to twin toddlers. I believe in the power of commitment and know inner beauty is what counts. I am passionate about my art, my brides, and the creation of beauty through makeup. This blog is full of details that show my incredible clients and all things weddings.

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