The Ultimate Wedding Day Makeup Guide

Ever since I became a professional wedding makeup artist, people ask me what I recommend most for wedding makeup. Well, I finally sat down and made a list.

It starts with Skincare

Can't stress this first one enough! I am a *bit* skincare obsessed, and I can tell you with long-wear makeup (like the kind designed to last all day that one would apply for big events like weddings) less is more. And you can wear less makeup with healthy, clear skin. If you don't have a daily skincare regimen, anticipating an important event where your picture will be taken over and over is a GREAT excuse to start one.

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Color Correct, Set, & SPF

If you don't color correct on a daily basis, you're not alone. (I don't!) However, your wedding day is not the day to skip this step. The camera has a way of catching every little detail, so correct those under eye circles and blemishes before you apply foundation. Set your foundation too! Use a fluffy brush with a light setting powder. It will keep your foundation on all night. Don't use foundation with SPF in it. Photography and SPF do not work and play well with each other - it can create flashback when the photographer uses her flash, and can appear ashy in some lighting.

Pump up the Pinks

Color is your friend when it comes to looking young and fresh. But not TOO much. Stick to blush and lip shades that compliment your natural skin tone, and use lip colors with Berry, Rose, and Pink hues.

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Keep it Classic

In my opinion, your wedding day is not the day to try the latest trend. The goal is to be timeless and beautiful, not a completely makeup-covered version of yourself you don't recognize.

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You are Beautiful

Don't get too caught up in how you look. Seriously! The person at the end of the aisle wants YOU, and stressing about achieving the perfect instagram eyebrow will only make you crazy. Be yourself, love how you look and enjoy your Amazing day. :)

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x, Lindsay

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