Tula Brightening Eye Balm

Tula Brightening Eye Balm





  • Rosehip Oil: a plant-based retinol alternative that’s rich in vitamin C & protects against free radicals
  • Rosewater: hydrates, softens & tones skin while offering antioxidant protection
  • Caffeine: helps to reduce the look of dark circles
  • Aloe, Apple & Watermelon: provide deep hydration to the delicate eye area
  • Blueberry: rich in antioxidants, hydrates and protects the skin
  • 100% Free from: Alcohol, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, silicone, sodium lauryl sulfate. We are cruelty-free.


Cruelty free product


Why I love it: It adds extra moisture to the eye without adding bulk under makeup. This balm is not only camling and cooling to the eye, it keeps moisture deep in the skin. It applies under sunscreen like a dream.


Suitable for all skin types.





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